Seating Policy

As far as possible you are allowed a free choice of seating from the space available on the aeroplane, as long as you, in the event of an emergency evacuation, may best assist and not hinder evacuation. The row of seats next to all emergency exits may only be occupied by able-bodied, adult passengers.

Persons who are not allowed to be seated next to an emergency exit include:

  • Persons who are physically or mentally handicapped to the extent that they would have difficulty in moving quickly if asked to so.
  • Persons whose sight or hearing is impaired to the extent that they might not readily become aware of instructions given to begin evacuating the aeroplane.
  • Children and infants, whether or not they are accompanied by an adult.
  • Passengers carrying live animals.

If the random occupation of seats is not permissible you will be shown, or conducted, to your allocated seat.