You probably think that chartering an aircraft is only for large multinationals. But the reality is that if you have a large enough group, the cost can be surprisingly affordable. Chartering our aircraft is an option when convenience, time efficiency and quality are high on your priority list. AIS Airlines provides you a “ready to fly” concept covering all the costs.

We provide charters from any airport to any destination in Europe.
Offering the most competitive rates and superior customer service.

We have a wide range of aircraft to satisfy all your charter needs.
This is an example of charters we can offer:

Medical Charters: 

We understand that every moment is precious when it comes to saving a life.

Leisure Charters

A one-of-a-kind trip calls for a one-of-a-kind experience. Leave the stress, waiting, and crowds of the commercial airport behind and begin your adventure more comfortably.
With AIS Airlines  you’ll fly in exclusivity and complete control.

Your favorite band, in concert, out of town, one night only. Such situations call for a more exclusive and efficient option than flying commercial. Charter with AIS Airlines, where we can accommodate even the tightest schedule or most specific need to put you at ease during your flight.

Corporate Charters: 

(Regularly scheduled flights for employee groups)

Whether you need to get your team to a monthly meeting 200 miles away, a quarterly event at your client’s headquarters, or just back home on the weekends

We will ensure that you arrive and depart at times that suit you best. You can make as many halts as you wish enabling you to visit multiple sites in a single day. You will enjoy total privacy and can work while you fly, or relax in comfort. You can arrive minutes before the departure thereby saving valuable time on ground.

You can arrive exactly when you want, depart exactly when you want, and with access to hundreds of additional airports, you’ll get exactly where you want.  No lines, no layovers, and no waiting of any kind. Just a day designed around getting business done.

Film Shoot Charters: 

We offer aerial shoot solutions to film production crews.

Contact us to discover how we can accommodate your private or business charter needs.