Welcome to AIS, nice to have you here!

AIS Airlines is a Dutch regional airline based in Lelystad Airport, the Netherlands.
The airline started in 2009 and currently operates several routes across Europe.
With a fleet of 8 Jetstream 32 aircrafts, we provide efficient and smooth travel experience.

Destination & Routes

Besides charters we also fly to the following routes on a daily basis:

  • Thorsby – Hagfors – Alanda
  • Talinn – Kardia – Tallinn

If you want to know more information about these destinations and/routes look on our about page


You probably think that chartering an aircraft is only for large multinationals. But the reality is that if you have a large enough group, the cost can be surprisingly affordable. Chartering our aircraft is an option when convenience, time efficiency and quality are high on your priority list. AIS Airlines provides you a “ready to fly” concept covering all the costs.


We currently have some vacancies:

  • Captain Jetstream 32 Turbo-prop
  • First Officer for upgrade to Captain

Have a look at our Vacancies page for more information and/or more job opportunities!