Passport and security checks as well as boarding can take longer than expected. To prevent delays, we ask you to arrive at both the airport and the gate on time, especially during the busy holiday travel seasons.

The boarding time is shown on your boarding card and together with the gate number on the information screens at the airport. Since the gate number can change, we recommend paying close attention to any announcements made and the information screens at the airport.

In general, AIS Airlines starts boarding 30 minutes prior to departure and stops boarding 15 minutes before departure. If you arrive after the gate closing time, you will not be allowed onto the aeroplane and are not entitled to any compensation.

Denied Boarding

We may refuse to transport you and your baggage if one or more of the following conditions has occurred or is likely to occur:

  • When you have expressed yourself in such a way or displayed such behaviour that doubt exists with respect to safety.
  • When your physical or mental state, including any condition caused by the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs or medication, could present discomfort, a hazard or risk to yourself, other passengers, the crew or property.
  • When you have compromised security, order and/or discipline and when you have refused to undergo the security procedures.
  • When you do not appear to be in possession of valid travel documents.
  • When the ticket presented by you appears to be invalid, has been reported stolen or lost, appears suspicious or was acquired unlawfully.
  • When you (or the person who paid for the ticket) has not paid the fare including tax in force and/or the applicable taxes, fees and or/surcharges.

In the event we decide to deny boarding you due to overbooking or other reasons, with the result that we are not in the position to offer you a seat, even if you have a confirmed reservation, a valid ticket and arrived for check-in and boarding on time, you are entitled to a compensation.